Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Stealth Training at its Best

This isn't for those with a weak stomach.

As I have let it know I want to get back into shape, and run some decent times. I am not going to break 60mins for 10m or 17m for 5k this year, but I want to get some decent times and run a whole lot better then I did at RTB'06 and Cigna'06.

My "stealth" training has been going ok. I few track work outs, some 6:30-6:40 5 mile runs, and consitently 4 days a week. Shooting to get to 5 days per week in late July.

So I sign up of Lutti, I sign up for Cigna, because you have to race if you want to run fast. Now I know better then going to Luti with out a race or 2 under my belt. I show up to the Monday Night Mine Falls race. I feel good, excited to be at a race a little nervous, a little worried because I couldn't find a CD with "Antelope" on it the is morning

Mike W. has a look of happy surprise at seeing me. Steve Wolfe is helping out. John Greene, who really is much faster then he lets on, is there. Mark W. sneaks in before the start. Plus I see a few other Striders I haven't seen in a while.

I do 2 easy miles with John G for a warmup. This is a bit longer then I like to warm up, but what the heck.

I start the race feeling ok. Go out in 5:57 -- this is on dirt so pretty good. Rae and Steve D
are on the trails and notice me. That isn't good.

Before the 2 mile mark I get the dreaded intestinal cramps. 6:33 for mile 2. will be happy if I can keep this up. Trying to determine if it is the powerbar doing it to me, or the lobster and beer from the day before.

By mile 3 I am in misery, looking for places to go, thinking maybe I can hold it, though it doesn't seem likely . John Greene, he is getting faster, passes me. Mile 3 7:06

Ok now it is about getting to the finish line and the porto-potty, before it is too late. Before mile 4 some one else passes me. I am thinking that is one less person that will see me going if I can't make it. Mile 4 7:19.

I am not sure what I am doing is running, I think it is about survival. I look at my watch it says 30 mins , I can last 4 more mins... NOPE. Duck into the woods. OK there isn't much privacy on this part of the trail. I spend the next several minutes hoping no one will see me. At least 2 people pass, no one waves. Realize that my car keys are on Mikes bumper, I will have to finish the race. Look at my watch it say 35m. I cause undeserved harm to several small oak trees and ferns. Wash my hands.

Get back on the trail, get to the finish line Mike yells 38:11. There was really no need for Mike to yell my time. Maybe I will say no to him next time he asked me to run a relay race in the winter. Mile 5 11:15

Grab my keys and glasses and run straight to the car.

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