Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Lets see after last years dismal season. That included
140 17/247 M3539 6:05 18:55 Denis Tranchemontagne 36 M  5328 Chelmsford MA
RTB pace Denis Tranchemontagne 6:51
and less we forget
"... according to the sundial that they timed him with at last years Mill Cities"

I know I should feel fortunate enough to be allowed on the RTB '07 team. Granted I got demoted to the 11th hardest position, but at least I get to run. I need some redemption

So I decide to start running in April of this year, 3 whole months earlier then my training for RTB '06 . This is according to my less then accurate coolrunning log.

6:24 the alarm clock rings,. Ok don't need to be at the track until 7:45, lets hit the snooze.
6:33 out of bed, start getting ready.
Only one pair of clean running shorts, and they are my least favorite.
Make my lunch, make my coffee.
Owen, the 3 year old, starts crying because he didn't help make the coffee.
Give Owen lots of hugs and tickles, now Nicole needs tickles too.
7:15 I am in the car, look for some up beat music. Choose "Local Nothing"
Remind my self of the sundail comment, holding back the tears.
Remind my self of almost running a 19min 5k WTF
7:45ish get to the track, Frank is doing his work out already.
Warm up.
Start the 400s. 10 in 82-85. The last few we hard. Though not as bad as last week.
Cool down. Can't really cool down in this heat, sweat like a pig for the next half hour.

Get to work; start debugging the code, feel strangely motivated to run this year

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