Friday, June 29, 2007

Walk With Me

Come walk with me and be my friend

We’ll hike the path until its end

The primal feat of strolling the wood

Our kindred exchange is pure and good

Who will guide and who will show

We each know much but much to know

A birch from maple, fir from hemlock

Worlds discovered along our walk

Exploring new fields to expand our horizon

Seeking the truth and where it lies in

The real world diverges from being real

Perhaps in nature we can start to feel

The sun is racing our time is at hand

We must share the load to cross the land

There are pieces we’ll find along our way

To take and pass to others someday

The journey begins as a simple act

We join together and make this pact

Though the road is long and the peak is high

Let us promise now to attempt to try

Note: I wrote this poem quite a few years ago as a gift to my Dad. I dragged it out recently to re-read it after my son and I climbed Mt. Washington for the first time together. I think some of the themes apply to our RTB experience as well. Enjoy!

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