Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Philly was awesome!! Brian (despite back surgery 5 months ago) pulled off a 22.8 mph bike split on a hilly course, and scared me by coming within a minute of my swim. I've noticed him improving over the past year, so I was well aware of him the whole time I was out there. I just don't think I'd survive the gloating if/when he finally beats me on the swim. Wait until you see his victory dance, and you will understand what I'm talking about.... I continue to be amazed by how slow my bike split continues to be despite my bi-monthly workouts. Am excited however, that simply by being on the same team as Molly and Kerry, I will be able to improve this split without ever actually having to ride the thing. I did have a solid swim and run though, and felt good! First tri of the season is over!! I, unlike Delahunty, am a triathlete this year (you lose your triathlete status if a year goes by and you haven't done one). Pictures of Brian will be upcoming. I, however, "lost" my race number. Oops.

I loved this race -- I'd been warned alot about the water, but it turned out to be clean and gorgeous. And it was the first time I've ever done an open water under a cool arched bridge. There was no congestion at all on the swim, I was able to get in a groove for the whole thing. The day was crystal clear and sunny -- hot but not humid. The bike was fun, lots of rollers (and a couple of hills that people were actually walking up), but the road was entirely open for the race so there was zero problems with draft packs or blocking. The run was mentally tough - flattish and all in the open hot/sun. It had 2 tight turnarounds, it's weird how hard that starts to become after 2 hours of exertion... The race had the exact right amount of aid stations too. Just really, really well run and organized. All-in-all, this is one of my favorite courses, and I'll be back next year with a new improved bike split.

Sounds like Denis is back-in-action!!! Very nice to see.

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