Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Sketchy Restaurant Story

Note: for reasons that will become inreasingly clear, the author wishes the name of said restaurant to remain anonymous.

Last night our RTB team met for dinner and beer at a restaurant. I once had the pleasure of working at that restaurant, many many years ago. I only worked there for about 2 months, and I ended up quitting on some rather uncertain terms.

I saw one of the owners literally throw a guy out of the restaurant.The guy was a vendor trying to sell him frozen fishtsticks or something. I also saw them hire illegal immigrants who spoke no English, and then they would yell at them and shove them around and hit them when they didn't understand what anyone was saying.

I sliced my finger damn near off on my shift one day and they wouldn't let me go to the ER for stitches. They ducktaped my finger back on and told me to go back to work. I ended up walking out later and going to the ER and when I brought them the workman's comp papers they started threatening me, I quit on the spot and they started leaving me threatening messages on my answering machine. I finally had to send them a letter promising that I wouldn't pursue any legal action against them if they would just pay the workman's comp and leave me alone.
The owners 'office' in the basement had a 5 ton lead door with a series of high security electronic locks and pass codes on it.

It was like an episode of the fucking Sopranoes, I tell you.

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